Since 2009 I have been working as a professional translator and interpreter for organizations and private clients. I am registered as a translator and a guide in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce under number 27351637. I am also a sworn translator registered in the National registry of court translators under number 5071.

Examples of my work *:

        • Certified translations of personal documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, residence permits, driving licences, extracts from municipal register, certificates of conduct and other personal documents)
        • Certified translations of legal documents (i.e. court decisions, subpoenas, etc.)
        • Certified translation of financial documentation (Dutch-English)
        • Certified translation of notarial documents (deed of transfer, cohabitation agreement) (Dutch-English)
        • Translation of a manual for online portal of the Dutch Tax Authorities (Dutch-English)
        • Translation of different pieces of legislation for the Dutch government (Dutch-English)
        • Translation of insurance agreements (Dutch-English)
        • Translation of rental and purchase agreements (real estate) (Dutch-English)
        • Translation of a software development agreement (Dutch-English)
        • Translation and localization of a webshop (Dutch/English-Russian)
        • Interpretation of a court hearing (labour dispute) (Dutch-English)
        • Simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage) from three languages (English, French, Dutch) in Russian during the anniversary celebrations of the group Solvay
        • Simultaneous interpreting (chuchotage) during the Dutch Design week (English-Russian)
        • Interpreting during negotiations and business meetings (English-Russian)

* This list includes only those assignments where English was a source or a target language. For confidentiality reasons the names of my clients are not listed.

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